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Century Square

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Located in the south of Century Avenue, Century Square is the largest open-air square in Shanghai and the only sculpture landscape square with time as its theme. She combines classical and modern landscape techniques and integrates Eastern and Western culture. The famous Century Avenue and Century Park are cleverly and harmoniously linked together, running through Pudong and in one go.
Chinese name century square foreign name century square interpretation square name geographical location South Road Century Avenue Shanghai City China city Shanghai City suggested 2 hours of travel time free admission price suitable for all seasons
Practical information
Ticket information
Free Admission
Opening Hours
Open all day
Best season
Four seasons are all acceptable.
Suggest playing
2 hours
Traffic information
By bus: urban sightseeing line 1.
brief introduction
Geographical map of Shanghai Century Square
Century Plaza, Century Avenue, Shanghai, was built in May 1995, covering an area of 269000 square meters, with a total investment of 16.348 million yuan. It is a landmark building of the development zone. It is invested to improve the investment environment and promote the development of business tourism in the whole zone. It is a large-scale activity place integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment.
The overall building of century square mainly embodies the theme of "Century Light". The center of the square is in the shape of the sun. There is a central platform with eight color roads radiating from the "central platform" to the surrounding, symbolizing the brilliant prospect. It is connected with eight roads as a ring road, and the ring road is connected with 10 roads from four directions of the Southeast and northwest, forming the square traffic network. In the center of the square, Tainan has 12 columns carved with 5000 years of history.
Overlooking the whole square, it is distributed symmetrically, with the century park with beautiful water and green trees on its back, the crystal clear science and Technology City in the East, and the majestic new administrative center in the West. It is inlaid at the end of Century Avenue like a pearl. It is deep and dignified, smooth and beautiful, full of vitality and the atmosphere of the times.
The entrance of the square is a large-scale landscape sculpture "Oriental light" designed with sundial as the prototype, which uses 24 tons of channel steel, constructs a 400 square meter platform, and uses more than 6000 meters of stainless steel pipes. Facing the Century Avenue and highlighting the cross century time theme, it is the perfect combination of sculpture art language and modern high-tech architecture language, which is amazing!
The whole square covers three themes. The first theme is to pave the ground with ochre red and cyan stone in the center of the rectangular square, and use hard lines in a large area as the natural keynote. Around eight 5-meter-high stone pillars, or horizontally or vertically, are scattered cube rectangular stone table and bench pieces. On both sides of the square, there are 50 meter wide poplar trees and grass, and in the distance, there are more than 13 meters of "eight columns of triumphal arch gate" The whole square is clear and natural, simple and solemn. Looking at it, it is open and dignified, profound and far away. Here you can feel a broad and vigorous mood.
After the flower bed of "Century Square", the second theme comes. This is a square and circular sunken square. Surrounded by the water pool of the ring square, two 180 degree glass sky subway stations are exquisite and transparent, like two lotus leaves. The four glass sightseeing towers are like lotus flowers standing around, surrounded by the air. The corridor is very elegant and pleasant. It's a good place to rest and take photos. You might as well ask your friends to come here for a walk. This part of the square is more about a modern theme -- the use of a large number of glass and stainless steel, and then against the transparent glass curtain wall of the science and technology museum nearby, making the square appear particularly avant-garde, just like a crystal palace made of high technology, shining.
The third theme is actually an overpass to Century Park, which not only skillfully realizes interchange with the road below, but also makes scenery with the help of the undulating terrain of the bridge floor. Only the small bridge water, stone path, red maple and green pine are seen, making full use of the landscape making techniques of Chinese classical gardens, and perfectly integrates the modern style. 128 stone pillar lights on both sides are arranged to reach the gate of the century  Walking inside, you can't help but walk in the new century with great ambition. With 16 glass sightseeing wells, you can get through the lower floor. The humanized design is harmonious and unified with the first two themes.
Friends, if you visit Century Park, you may as well stop for a moment and savor century square, because its connotation is not a word of "beauty".
To configure
A large-scale music fountain is built on the northwest side of the "central platform". The spring dances and dances with the melody of the music. The water column and the water flower sometimes interweave and shuttle, sometimes go straight to the clouds, sometimes flow like a waterfall, sometimes scatter flowers like a heavenly girl, which is colorful and beautiful.
On the east side of the square, there is a century gate built by the mountain. Walking on the century gate, you can have a panoramic view of the square. The open-air stage at the foot is The Place for large-scale assembly and large-scale cultural activities in the development zone. There are 620 lights installed in the square, including 330 lawn lights, 85 courtyard lights, 2 30 meter high ball lights, 24 projection lights, 8 Huabiao lights and 8 ground lights. This is the most beautiful scenic spot in the development zone.
Century square has a green area of 150000 square meters, a total of 150000 flowers, and a large area of lawn and green forest.

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