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Yangshupu water plant

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  Yangshupu water plant is located at No. 830, Yangshupu Road. It is adjacent to Huangpu River in the south, covering an area of 129000 square meters, with the largest land area of 259000 square meters. The water plant is designed by j.w.hart, a British engineer, and s.c.farnham, Shanghai

Shanghai) and other foreign contractors, the main equipment and pipeline materials are made in the UK. The construction of Guangxu was started in June of 1881, and completed in May of 2009. On June 29 of the same year (August 1), the external water supply was officially started. The design capacity is 1.5 million gallons (6818 cubic meters) of daily water supply, and the cost is 120000 pounds. At the initial stage, the water plant covers an area of 111 mu (73900 square meters). The production process is tidal water, slow filter, and steam pump. The main equipment includes 2 settling tanks with a total capacity of 6.13 million gallons (27900 cubic meters), 4 slow filters, 1 clean water tank, 3 steam boilers and 1 water outlet room (2 pumps), and 1 water tower with a total capacity of 150000 gallons (682 cubic meters) built on Hong Kong Road. In the initial stage, the water supply area is public concession, French Concession and cross-border road construction, with a population of 170000. In the first year, the total water output was 124.5 million gallons (556000 cubic meters), and the average daily water output was 3698 cubic meters.
Since the 20th century, production equipment has been added successively. In the 33rd year of Guangxu, a second water tower with a total capacity of 865m3 has been built in Xinzha Road. In the third year of Xuantong (1911), sedimentation tank and slow filter were added to the water purification equipment of the water plant, which covers an area of 211 mu (140500 square meters).
In the decade of the Republic of China (1921), the main water purification equipment slow filter was increased to 39, and the next year, a reservoir pumping station with a capacity of 47000 cubic meters was built in Jiaozhou Road. In the 11th year of the Republic of China, the water plant purchased 4 sets of fast filter cylinders from the United States for experimental production. The next year, the continuous precipitation process of aluminum sulfate was successfully added. In the future, continuous sedimentation will be used instead of intermittent sedimentation, and American fast filter will gradually replace British slow filter. After 10 years of construction, the main water purification facilities of the water plant are 7 sedimentation tanks, 3 groups of fast filters (24 grids), 26 slow filters and 5 clean water tanks. At the end of the 1930s, the water supply capacity reached 400000 cubic meters, and the water plant expanded to 386 mu (257000 square meters), making it the largest water plant in the Far East.
In the 30 years of the Republic of China, the Pacific War broke out, and the water plant was taken over by the Japanese army and operated by the Sino Japanese hydropower company. During the period of Japanese puppet rule, the average daily water supply of the waterworks decreased from 244600 cubic meters before the Pacific War to 174300 cubic meters. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, in the 34th year of the Republic of China, the Shanghai municipal government took over the water plant and returned it to British businesses in May of the following year. At the time of Liberation (1949), the average daily water supply of the water plant was 271400 cubic meters, the maximum daily water supply was 314600 cubic meters, and the production capacity was 410000 cubic meters. In the early period of liberation, water plants increased production by tapping potential and reforming. Since 1974, the slow filter field has been transformed into a inclined sedimentation tank and a low pass double valve filter, forming a production line with a daily water supply of 150000 cubic meters. In 1975, No. 6 shore type intake with a daily inflow capacity of 1 million cubic meters was built. Since November 1986, a low-range filter production line with a daily water supply of 100000 cubic meters has been constructed by using the slow filter site in the east area of the plant, which was completed in December 1988. The original steam boiler and steam pump in the water plant were eliminated before 1984. Other production facilities and staff houses were successively built in the original slow filter site in the north of the water plant, and the land occupation of the water plant was correspondingly reduced. In 1987, the upstream water diversion project (phase I) of the Huangpu River was completed, and the water plant changed to the upstream raw water.
After entering the 1990s, the water plant system and production and operation were reformed, with water pumping and purification production workshops, repair shops, installation departments and service operation departments. In November 1994, an investment of 48 million yuan was invested in the reconstruction of No. 129 filter, increasing the daily water supply capacity by 50000 cubic meters. In 1995, the water plant had 4 water inlets, 20 water inflow pumps, 8 sedimentation tanks, 16 secondary pumps, 3 groups of ordinary fast filters (26 grids), 28 low-range fast filters, 7 clean water tanks (20000 cubic meters), 23 water outflow pumps and 14 factory pipes (maximum diameter of 2 meters). In that year, the average daily water supply of the water plant was 1244000 cubic meters, and the maximum daily water supply was 1530000 cubic meters. Yangshupu water plant is one of the scenic spots in Shanghai, with its production facilities and office auxiliary rooms, the shape of which keeps the British castle style and has the British classical architectural style.

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