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Town God's Temple spiced beans

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Town God's Temple spiced beans
Reasons for recommendation:
Town God's Temple spicy beans are traditional snacks in Shanghai, Shanghai, Town God's Temple, China. The raw materials used are fava beans produced in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. "Do not taste the Old City God Temple five fragrance beans, not to have been to the great Shanghai!" This is a commentary on which all the Chinese and foreign visitors in Town God's Temple agree.
brief introduction
Fifty or sixty years ago, in the Old City God Temple of Shanghai, a five spiced bean shop called "Xing Long Guo Ji" was set up. It specializes in the production of cream flavored beans. Its business is booming. Its customers are pouring in, and soon become a well-known and popular Shanghai flavor specialty.
Guo Yingzhou, also known as Guo zongru, was born in 34 years (October 23, 1908) in Guangxu of Qing Dynasty in Yangzhong County, Jiangsu Province, an ordinary peasant family. Because of the turmoil in his hometown, he left at the age of 18 and came to Shanghai alone. No one is close to each other and has gone through difficulties. In the ten years of bumpy life, he successively set up a small book stall in xiyaojianong, Nanshi, and along Fumin road. During the Anti Japanese War, he also made a living in Lei Yunxuan's cigarette shop.
[main raw materials]
Broad bean
[production method]
The materials are exquisite and the temperature is appropriate. The raw materials used are fava beans specially selected from Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. The selection is very strict. Neither yellow pea nor moth eaten pea can be used. We need to use green peas of the same color, wash them and boil them with water. It's a double eye stove, on which there is a clear water pot and a sugar water pot.  When the water temperature of the clear water pot reaches about 60 ℃, put in the washed broad beans, boil them for a while, and then fish them in the sugar water pot when they are cooked.
But before you bait, put a certain proportion of saccharin and vanilla and essence into the sugar pan, then sprinkle some salt on the bean, then turn it into the sugar pan.
When turning, use a fence to slowly push down from around the edge of the pot.  This will make the beans taste even. About half an hour later, when salt flowers appear on the bean skin, you can hang the beans in a bamboo container from the pot. They are spiced beans after they are cool and dry.
[quality characteristics]
The skin is thin and fleshy, the salt cream is even, and the chew is soft and waxy. It tastes delicious and sweet in the mouth.

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