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Shanghai Gaoqiao Muffin

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Shanghai Gaoqiao muffin is a delicious famous dish, belonging to Shanghai cuisine. Produced in Gaoqiao Town, Shanghai, China It is made of refined white powder, cooked lard, soft white sugar, red beans and osmanthus. It tastes sweet and fat, crisp and refreshing. It is one of the four famous spots (muffin, muffin, crispy and crispy).
brief introduction
Gaoqiao muffin originated from Guangxu period in 1900, with a long history of more than 100 years. The sunken muffins are sweet. Since ancient times, the best raw materials must be selected. For example, red bean sand must be Chongming red bean. If the jujube mud is sunken, the jujube must be produced in Shandong. In addition, it includes lard for shortening and well water for noodles, all of which are carefully selected. After a hundred years of development, there are still some processes that retain the requirements of all manual production.
[main raw materials]
Refined white powder, cooked lard, soft white sugar
[production method]
1. Pasta mixing: pour lard and warm boiled water into the pasta mixing machine (the temperature of oil and water is 60 ℃) and mix evenly. Add flour and then mix. At the same time, add some salt to increase the strength of gluten.
2. And pastry: pour the flour and cooked lard into the pastry machine, mix well and rub thoroughly. The soft and hard pastry should be the same as the leather.
3. Filling making: wash the red beans with water, remove the impurities, put them into the pot and boil them to rot, stir the fire first, then slow the fire. Then scoop the boiled red beans into the washing machine to make fine sand. After passing through the steel screen, they will flow into the cloth bag and squeeze the water into dry sand. Then put the dry sand and white sugar into the pot and stir fry them gently. When the white sugar is completely dissolved and most of the water in the bean sand evaporates, and the bean sand turns black naturally (when you pat the bean sand with your hands and it doesn't stick to your hands), it is ready to fry.  When the bean paste has a certain consistency and plasticity, add osmanthus again and rub it through. Use as standby.
4. Baosu: there are two kinds of Baosu: big Baosu and small Baosu.
5. Civil filling: take the fine sand bag and put it into the pastry. The seal should not be too tight, leaving a small hole, so that air can be inhaled during baking to make the crust crisp. Press the green body of the wrapping hand into a round biscuit 2-3cm thick by hand. Put the packed biscuits in a clean iron plate, keep a certain distance between the lines, and then print the red stamp of "fine sand", "Rose" and other words to distinguish the varieties.
6. Baking: the furnace temperature shall be 160-200 ℃ when the biscuit is put into the furnace for baking for 2-3 minutes, turn the biscuit over, and then put it into the furnace for baking for about 10 minutes (when there are white bubbles around the four sides of the biscuit), take out the iron plate, turn the biscuit over again, and then put it into the furnace for baking before it is put out of the oven. When baking, pay more attention to prevent scorching. Muffins can be packed or boxed after being cooled out of the oven.
[quality characteristics]
1. Shape: flat and round, drum shaped, 24 pieces per kilogram, with uniform block shape, uniform size, no broken skin, and chrysanthemum shaped mouth in the middle.
2. Color: the surface is milky yellow, the stamp is clear, and the surrounding is milky white.
3. Tissue: it has clear cut layers, thin skin and many fillings (36 layers of skin), no partial skin, no impurities, and no rigidity at the bottom.
4. Taste: no peculiar smell. The entrance is crisp and sweet.

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