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Fengjing Ding hoof

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Fengjing dingti is a famous traditional dish in Shanghai. Shanghai Fengjing Ding is made of pig hind hoof, Shaoxing wine, ice sugar, cinnamon, clove and other auxiliary materials.
brief introduction
Fengjing dingti is a famous traditional dish in Shanghai. Shanghai Fengjing Ding is made of pig hind hoof, Shaoxing wine, ice sugar, cinnamon, clove and other auxiliary materials. Select materials and note the importance of live, raw, inch, fresh; seasoning is good at salty, sweet, bad, sour. The finished product has the unique taste of cold eating "fragrance" and steamed eating "glutinous". It is red and bright in color, thick in marinade and tender in meat quality, and has a good reputation.
[production method]
Fengjing Ding hoof is made of four hooves of local native pig (Fengjing pig). Before and after the hoof shaping, blanching, plucking, simmering, seasoning, bone extraction and other 8 processes, all of which are meticulous.
1. Remove the fluff of Fengjing pig's hoof and arm (pig elbow), scrape and clean it, take off the tube bone, blanch the blood with boiling water, and repair it neatly;
2. Put the pig's hoof in the pot, pour in water or old brine, add soy sauce, crystal sugar, rice wine, clove, cinnamon and ginger slices, first boil them in a big fire, and then simmer them in a small fire, commonly known as "three Wen and three Wang, mainly Wen", so as to make the pig's hoof's external crisp and internal cooked thick original brine immersed in the inner layer of the hoof;
3. When out of the pot, add monosodium glutamate to remove the residue of cloves, cinnamon and ginger pieces after boiling in a strong fire to make the brine thick, so as to make the sauce tightly wrap the pig's feet and taste good;
4. When eating, slice and put it on the table.
[process tips]
1. In the process of cooking, the oil film and debris must be removed to keep the hooves and arms clean and avoid scaling at the bottom of the pot;
2. The soup should be sufficient, with no pig's hoof as the degree;
3. The spice can be wrapped in a cloth bag and put into a soup pot. Before collecting the juice, take out the spice bag;
4. The old brine shall be kept for use. During the storage period, materials shall be frequently added and boiled to avoid deterioration.
Pig elbow: pork should not be eaten with black plum, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, pigeon meat, snail, almond, donkey meat, mutton liver, coriander, turtle, water chestnut, buckwheat, quail meat and beef.
It is not suitable to drink tea in large quantities after eating pork.

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