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The cliff statues of the Great Buddha Temple in Pujiang

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-12-16 11:11
The precipice statues of the Great Buddha Temple in Pujiang are the cultural relics protection units of Sichuan Province.
The cliff statue of Dafosi is located at the south foot of Changqiu mountain, Lishan village, Heshan street, Pujiang County. According to the style of the statues, most of them have a history of more than 1000 years.
In the Qing Dynasty, it is recorded in Volume 2 of Pujiang County annals, fangwai Temple: "the great Buddhist temple, ten miles east of the county, is a Big Buddha on the cliff, more than ten Zhang high, with a stone pool in front of it, and it will last forever." There are No. 1-22 niches in the cliff statues of Dafo temple, which are the first ring square steles. They are 1.27m high and 0.43m wide, with no words. The tongkan stele should be the most accurate material to record the history of the great Buddhist temple. Unfortunately, the text does not exist. Therefore, it is impossible to know when the great Buddhist Temple Camp was built. It was built in Tang Dynasty.
There are 17 niches and 303 cliff statues in the great Buddhist temple. The statue is mainly distributed on the white sandstone cliff with a length of 100 meters, a width of 5 meters and a height of 10 meters from the ground. It can be divided into two areas, one is the Buddha area in the east of the cliff, the other is the thousand Buddha cliff in the west of the cliff.
There are four niches in the Buddha area, all of which sit in the South and North. Niches 1 and 2 were built in the Tang Dynasty, while niches 3 were not carved. Niches 4 were made in the Qing Dynasty.
No. 1 niche is a horseshoe shaped large Buddha niche with a high platform under it. A Maitreya Buddha statue is built in the niche, with a height of 5.25M, a shoulder width of 1.62m, a head height of 1.15m and a chest thickness of 0.56m. Buddha is good at sitting on a high platform, with upright body and naturally drooping feet. It is a bun with a round face, a sagging cassock with a double collar and a monk's only branch inside. The left hand touches the knee, the right hand raises up, the palm of the hand is outward, the little finger and the ring finger bend down, the remaining three fingers close to the upper finger, and apply the saying seal. The left and right back walls of the Great Buddha niche are carved with 23 small niches, including 11 niches on the left and 12 niches on the right.
The No. 2 niche is a double one with a height of 1.1m, a width of 0.96m and a depth of 0.32m. There are eight statues of Tianlong in the back wall. A lion crouches on the left and right sides of the first step niche, and a bird is carved in the middle of the second step. Outside the inner niche, a scripture building is carved on the left side, a seven level square tower is carved on the right side, and an inner plastic sitting figure is carved.
Niches No. 3, initial blank, not carved.
No. 4 niche is a double-layer square niche, with the inner niche 0.82M high, 0.61m wide and 0.13M deep. In the niche, there is a seated statue, with "Cihang Pudu" engraved on the lintel, the "West Lake in March" inscribed vertically on the left and "a spring in the South China Sea" inscribed on the right. The shrine was made in Qing Dynasty.
Niches 4
There are 13 niches of thousand Buddha cliff statues, which are numbered 5-17. The niches are all seated east to west. The age is about Tang Dynasty. The main themes of statues are Maitreya seated, buried Buddha, Avalokitesvara standing, one Buddha and two disciples and two Bodhisattvas.
Among them, 12 niches are very unique. The shrine, a double-layer one, is 1.5m high, 1.32M wide and 0.32m deep. In the inner wall of the shrine, 52 Buddha statues are carved in 6 rows, sitting on the lotus platform with stems, and in the middle, a statue of Amitabha Buddha is carved, which is 53 Buddha. One statue is carved on the left and right sides above the niche opening and stands on the cloud. One Bodhisattva statue is carved on the left side of the niche mouth, standing on the cloud, with the left hand hanging down to lift the bottle and the right hand lifting the object. On the right side of the niche mouth, there is a statue of a disciple with a damaged head.
The cliff statues of Pujiang great Buddhist temple are the most concerned people in the world, which are the Maitreya statues with a height of 5 meters.
According to Li Liang's summary of Sichuan grottoes and cliff statues, the Buddhist stone sculptures of Sichuan in Tang Dynasty "are the top of the grottoes and statues of all provinces after the prosperous Tang Dynasty". Moreover, at that time, the Buddhist statues were still on the "Big Mac" route. According to Mr. Shu Shi, there were 17 stone sculptures with a height of more than 10 meters. Of course, the most representative is Leshan Giant Buddha, which is 71 meters high.
The five meter tall Pujiang Buddha, arranged in front of them, is like entering the adult world of Jonathan Swift. However, people are surprised to find that Pujiang Buddha is like a miniature version of Leshan Buddha.
Both Pujiang and Leshan Buddhas were excavated in Tang Dynasty. Their statues are plump and mellow, fully reflecting the fashion of Tang Dynasty. From the perspective of image technique, the two Buddhas are all reclining, saying and printing Buddha statues, which have four things in common: Maitreya Buddha statues, two hands saying and printing Buddha statues, decoration of throne, and hanging two feet sitting.

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