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Confucious'temple in Pujiang

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Pujiang Confucian temple is a cultural relic protection unit in Sichuan Province.
Dacheng Hall of Confucian temple in Pujiang County is built in Chengdong street of Pujiang County, adjacent to the east gate. According to the records of Pujiang County, "the Confucian Temple of Pujiang County was built in Hongwu Period of Ming Dynasty, which was originally in the south of the county office. It was moved to Dongjie in 1695 and rebuilt in 1757 and 1820 respectively. " At the junction of the temple and the East Street, there is a large stone screen wall, all of which are built by bluestone piers. There is a gap between the stone piers, and the stone walls are covered with glazed tiles and Baoding ridge. It is more than 30 meters long and 80 cm thick. It is magnificent and spectacular.
The origin of the temple
On both sides of the temple, a door is opened, and a stone tablet is built on each side of the door. The letter reads: "civil and military officials, get off the horse at this point" in eight characters to show respect for Confucius.
Between the two gates is a flat dam, covering an area of about half an mu.
Going north is "three bridges and nine holes". On both sides of the three bridges, rectangular stone railings are built. Under the bridge is a pool. In spring and summer, frogs are heard everywhere, one after another, like the sound of fairy music. Under the nine holes, each of them dug a small pond, which accumulated water and was called "pan water". During the Qing Dynasty, every subject was enrolled as "Scholar". Led by the "oracle", he traveled around three bridges and nine caves with incense, which was called "pan water generates fragrance".
There is a small terrace in the north of the bridge. The terrain in the north of the terrace is relatively high. There are more than ten stone stairs, which go up to ten levels. The front hall is built, and the left (East) of the hall is the kitchen canteen. The outside of the hall is paved with bluestone, covering an area of about half an mu.
On both sides of the East and West, each wing room was built. During the period of the Republic of China, it was the primary classroom of "Pujiang County Primary School".
Further northward, the terrain is higher, more than ten stone stairs are built, and the front hall of the courtyard is built. The doors and windows are carved panes and covered with glazed tiles. The middle part of the main hall is the teacher's office, and the left side is the graduation class classroom of "Pujiang County high school"; the left side room is the second semester high school classroom; the right side room is the third phase high school classroom. In the wing room, a long niche seat is built on the inner wall, each of which is equipped with a famous Confucian memorial tablet, all of which are surrounded by wood. The name of Confucian is engraved in the card, and the characters are painted in red and gold. All the flat dams are built of bluestone.
Dacheng hall is located at the front of the hall. The terrain is high. There are more than ten stone stairs built. You can climb up to Dacheng hall. There is a slope in front of Dacheng hall. The central slope is paved with stone slabs, about two Zhang high and two Zhang wide. The stone slabs are carved with dragons holding beads. There are stone railings on both sides of the central slope. Between the central slope and the stone ladder, there are several levels of stone steps. The stone steps have carved faucets. The head points to the south, and the mouth contains precious beads. It's exquisite and spectacular, but it's destroyed after liberation.
On the slope, there is another flat dam, which is also built of bluestone slab, with an area of about three parts. The flat dam in front of today's Dacheng hall has been demolished. Tea houses are set up in the corridors on both sides of Dacheng hall for tourists to relax.
"Dacheng hall" is a splendid building with excellent workmanship. The eaves of the hall are of Dougong structure. The arms of the arch are inclined, the structure is ingenious, the eaves are high and cocked, and the momentum is majestic. The hall is 20 meters long and 8 meters wide. There are five rooms in total. It is supported by 32 big stone columns and wooden columns. The structure is solid. The Dacheng hall is covered with glazed tiles, which are shining. The ridge is covered with glazed tiles, on which the roof, flying dragon and the Phoenix are shaped. It is a palace style building. The walls of the Dacheng hall are built with large blue firebricks. The bricks are rubbed and washed. The seams are straight and the workmanship is exquisite. The front doors and windows of the palace are all carved window panes, and the front of the palace is supported by 8 large 8-angle stone columns. The center of the palace is the Confucius niche, which is made of stone and carved. The God card is made of precious wood nanmu. The edge of the card is engraved with a golden dragon. On the card is written: "the God of the supreme sage Confucius." Red lacquer gold character. Beside the memorial tablets, there are 72 memorial tablets of sages, such as the God of Mencius, the saint of Confucius and the common carp, the saint of Confucius (Zisi), the doctrine of the mean written by Zisi, the University written by Zengzi, the sage of Yan Yuan, Zixia, Ziyou, Zigong, Zilu, ran you, ran boniu, Zhonggong, Zizhang, min Ziqian and Zayu, all of which are made of red lacquer and gold characters.
In the center of Dacheng hall, there is a plaque of "master of all ages". In the Qing Dynasty, the emperors successively hang the plaque to show respect. Entering Dacheng hall, I feel awed.
In the 37th year of the Republic of China (1948) on the 27th day of the lunar calendar, it was the birthday of Confucius. People in the county presented sacrifices of three animals, i.e. tai'an-1, zhu-1 and yang-1, in front of the Confucius God sign. The master called for the external hall to fire. Then the iron spear exploded, the suona sounded in unison, melodious and rhythmic. The participants bowed to the Confucius God seat, and selected Li Xiangxian and other people in the county who could share the history of Confucius' life and Confucianism. Confucius philosophy, the way of the teacher: "loyalty and forgiveness is enough!" "from the object to the knowledge, sincerity, self-cultivation, family, governance, peace of the world". "When we know things, we will know them. When we know them, we will be sincere. When we are sincere, we will be honest. When we are honest, we will cultivate ourselves. When we are self-cultivation, we will have a family together. When we are in a family together, we will have a state. When we are in a state, we will have a peaceful world. From the son of heaven to the common people, they are also based on self-cultivation. After the ceremony, a dinner party will be held. At the end of the meeting, the beef will be divided into 2 jin each.
In April 1986, the people's Government of Pujiang County listed dachengdian as a county-level cultural relics protection unit and allocated funds for repair. Keep the original framework, build a new green blue ryukwa, decorate ancient doors and windows, paint pillars and carved beams, and decorate with oil.
Dacheng Hall of Pujiang Confucian temple was first announced as a provincial cultural relics protection unit.

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